Christy’s Ten Favorite Things for Christmas 2019

Let me just start off by saying that no, I don’t think I’m in the same category as Oprah. Not even a little bit. I’m maybe a 0.0001% of the person she is but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some of the things I love with you guys as we approach the holiday season. You may find some gift ideas here for yourself or someone else. If you do, then my mission is accomplished! So here we go.

  1. Wander Velour Leggings and Tunic Set from Target– Guys, I’m telling you. Once you put this lounge set on, you will never want to take it off. It is by far, the coziest, most comfortable lounge/pj set I’ve ever had and nothing holds a candle to it. The tunic can be worn tied or untied in the back, which is nice depending on whether you prefer a flowy or more streamlined top. If you decide to sleep in a bit on your Saturdays; and someone unexpectedly shows up at your doorstep, you won’t feel like you have to run and hide because you’ve been busted in your pj’s at nine a.m. You can proudly answer the door looking effortlessly chique in your loungewear as long as your hair doesn’t look like a rat’s nest and you’ve managed to brush teeth since you drug yourself out of bed.

2. Nespresso CitiZ & Milk– I’ve raved about Nespresso coffee in a previous post, and I’m going to show them some love again. Maybe they’ll give me a discount already! It’s sleek design looks amazing in your kitchen, and it can prepare Espresso and Lungo coffee that is comparable to any notable coffee shop. This version comes with an Aeroccino, which allows you to get that perfect milk froth and hot milk in the touch of a button. Once you’ve had Nespresso coffee, a regular coffee pot or Keurig simply can’t compare. The quality of the machine is amazing and will last you many years to come. There are various price points for Nespresso machines, with the low end being around $150 and the high end running around $600. The version I’m featuring is one of their mid-level machines that I’ve been completely pleased with for many years. You’d love it!

3. Rothy’s Big Cat– You want to have a pair of shoes that are eye-catching, trendy, comfortable, and eco-friendly? Well, have I got the pair for you! Rothy’s shoes are made from repurposed water bottles. They can be thrown in the washer. Yes-for reals! They have tons of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from so there’s literally something for everyone. I own this particular shoe and have gotten so many compliments on it. It goes especially well with skinny dress pants but can also be worn with distressed jeans with “fashion holes” as my son calls them, and it looks just as good. Check them out! You’re gonna love them.

4. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum- So this gift may not be as fun as it is practical but it will change your attitude on keeping your floors clean. It’s super lightweight and easily portable, making the headache of having to drag out a heavy, bulky vacuum from the closet a thing of the past. By removing the pole, it can be transformed into a much smaller version, ideal for furniture, curtains, or the interior of cars. It does, however, have a cord; and you may wonder why I’m not featuring a cordless Dyson. I’ll be honest. I’ve had one that was quite expensive in the past. It worked great for maybe a year. After that, we continuously had problems with it. It barely held a charge. It would also freeze up after a few minutes of using it and was simply not the caliber I was expecting from an expensive Dyson. Maybe they’ve improved them at this point in the game; but if I’m going to have to replace it every couple of years, I’d prefer to pay a quarter of the cost to get something similar. I happened to luck out and grab this one on sale for around $85 from Target so keep those eyes open for Black Friday sales because they may drop the price again.

5. Escentric Molecules/ Molecule 01 Eau De Toilette– So basically, we’re talking about the perfume world here. This unisex fragrance plays up one’s pheromones to deliver a unique scent that is simple but sensuous all wrapped up in one. It is my go to perfume and has loyal fans worldwide. I received mine from The Cosmetic Market in Nashville but you can also find it online at Barneys. It definitely delivers a unique scent for everyone, and I think you’ll like it so check it out!

6. A Tiered Stand– There are hundreds of options when it comes to finding the right tiered stand for you or the person you’re buying it for. I’m a lover of all things pewter so I’m showing you mine in the picture below. You can find them in rustic or painted wooden versions, galvanized metals, and even marble. You can use them for a thousand different things! They’re great for parties to arrange cupcakes or other appetizers. You can adorn them with fruit. If the tiers have deep walls, you could place one in the bathroom and roll washcloths or place toilet paper rolls inside the various levels. It’s great for a hot chocolate or a coffee bar to organize the toppings in one place when you’re entertaining. I personally love to decorate mine for the various holidays. It makes for such a festive, lovely centerpiece, especially when you intertwine fairy lights amongst your decorations being displayed. Price points will vary anywhere from around $25 to $100. You can find them at Hobby Lobby, gift shops, Target, Overstock, and other online retailers. It’s time for me to swap out my Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving but here’s my version below.

7. Woodwick Candles– Woodwick’s Frasier Fir Oval Jar Candle is absolutely perfect for the Christmas holidays. It smells like a fresh Christmas tree, even if you’re faking it like me with an artificial tree. It sounds like a crackling fire, so much that you can envision yourself sitting next to a warm bonfire with the pops and soft glow that the wooden wick provides. The elongated shape and large wick makes for a beautiful addition to any coffee or end table. The universally friendly scent is one that everyone can appreciate during the holidays and it makes a great gift. It retails for around $30 and can be found at Cracker Barrel and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

8. Kendra Scott’s Danielle Silver Drop Earrings– I am all about some statement jewelry, and I can always find that at Kendra Scott. These earrings are beautiful, versatile, and a classic but stylish addition to any jewelry collection for years to come. The Mother-of-Pearl, as shown in the picture below, is my favorite. They have a wide variety of colors to choose from. They have these earrings available in silver or gold so there’s something for everyone. If larger jewelry pieces aren’t your thing, smaller versions of this style are available too. I’m a go-big or go-home girl though, so this version suits me perfectly. It retails for $75 and can be found at She frequently runs sales so you can almost bet you’ll get a discount if you hit it when the time is right. Speaking from experience though, the center stone is made from glass and will break if you drop it so secure them well when handling if you’re a klutz like me!

9. The Ring Video Doorbell– If you haven’t bit the bullet and purchased a Ring yet, you’re missing out! The Ring is motion sensitive so when someone approaches your door, it will automatically notify your cellphone to give you live video footage of what is being detected at your home. You can even interact with the person at your door by speaking with them through the doorbell, and it allows you to hear what they’re saying in return. With its night vision video footage, it can allow you to rest easier when you’re home or away if someone attempts to enter your house through the door it’s mounted near. There is an optional subscription service that allows you to save the videos if you wish to go back and view the footage at a later time. In a day and age of increasing crime, this is a great addition to add to your home. This one is featured at Target but they’re available on Amazon and a variety of retailers.

10. Body Sport Dual Speed Professional Vibrating Massager– I love a good massage. It’s truly one of my favorite things and such a treat. If I was a rich girl, I’d go at least once a week for a professional massage. Unfortunately, that’s not my current situation so I’ll have to settle for things I can do at home for relaxation between my scheduled appointments for massage. I have suffered with chronic neck pain, often leading to headaches, for quite some time. My neck kinda feels like a brick wall the majority of the time until recently. Between cranio-sacral touch therapy, professional massage, and now my new Body Sport Massager, it’s made a huge difference in my pain! I found this little guy on Amazon, and he’s truly comparable to what my chiropractor and massage therapist use. You can sort of use it yourself on your upper back, neck, head or other extremities but it’s going to be much more effective if you con your kid or significant other into using it on you. It’s powerful and especially weirdly fantastic if you hold it on your head and let it vibrate. Yes, I’m weirdo and it looks some kind of crazy but OMG! It is soo relaxing! Especially if you get headaches often, particularly tension headaches–it will loosen you right up! Trust me and get one.

I could seriously keep going with my favorite things but my house is a mess, the kids are hungry, and you’ve got some shopping to do! Until next time… xo, Christy

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