My Home Remodeling Series- Take 5 Master Bedroom

Now to the room where the magic happens! Ha, just kidding! They always said that on the MTV show Cribs so it seemed appropriate in this instance. Except I’m not a rockstar. Or famous. Or living in a mansion. Or driving a Bentley. Or a Lamborghini. Or surrounded by an entourage. And I don’t have a stripper pole in my basement. So there you have it! I’m a completely normal girl with a bit of eccentrism some may say, but I own it and I’m cool with that so there you go!

Now where was I? Oh yeah, our bedroom. So when we bought the house, our room was mauve and teal and not really screaming “Come sleep in me!” so that wouldn’t do. Although I can appreciate a good ruffle in a shirt or a dress, I didn’t want a frilly bedroom. It’s almost unrecognizable now, in a good way I’d like to think, so let me take you through the change. Here’s the befores.

As you can see, the room was dark and extremely dated. It needed a bright facelift, and nothing went untouched.

The first thing we had to do was paint those walls and ceiling. I wanted warmth but light so we went with my go to color, Revere Pewter, which is a greige that was used in most of the house. The baseboards were too small for the height of the room, so we replaced that with a much larger version and added a wide crown molding, as well, to give the room more interest. I typically always go for a white trim because it pops more with the color of the walls I choose. For the tray ceiling, we could’ve painted part of it the color of the walls but I wanted fresh and light. A darker color on the ceiling would’ve made the room feel smaller and a bit more oppressive and dated. I was happy with the change.

Something else that you may not notice, but made a big difference in the appearance of the room, is that my husband raised the height of the doorways throughout the house when he replaced them. They now appear long and slim and raise the eye level to make the room appear larger. It was very time consuming for him to do all the doorways but I’m so glad he did.

As for the overhead chandelier that was in place, we always sleep with a fan on. So many ceiling fans are rather clunky and can be eye sores, and that wasn’t the look I wanted. I ended up finding this smaller version, which also is lighted with a remote from Even though the blades are shorter, it still does the job while looking more modern in the process.

I know so many people love the feel of carpet in the bedroom, and it is cozy for sure. I feel like it contributes to our allergies though so we try not to use any carpet in our home. Instead, we use rugs throughout that can be easily washed or shaken out to hopefully cut down on allergens. Another great benefit with rugs is that you can easily change the colors or style and have a totally different look in your room. If you have a major stain like a nail polish spill or something of that nature, you don’t have buy all new carpet for the room. Just replace the rug, and you’ll save some major cash.

If you’re a dog lover like we are, you have to check out some of the etsy shops. There’s so many options available for prints and paintings, and I’m sure you’ll find your breed. I love Blue Dog paintings by George Rodrigue of New Orleans, so these gave off a similar but much more affordable vibe. I bought the frames on sale at Hobby Lobby and had them matted there. I was thrilled with the results, and they make for a nice pair to hang together on the wall.

Our bedroom furniture we’ve had for years from Rooms to Go. I just updated the bedding. I love to layer pillows and coverlets with comforters on the bed to give it that extra pizazz. I originally bought the yellow and white duvet cover and pillows from Wayfair, but it was pretty boring when I saw them on the bed. It needed more color and punch. So I took the pillow cases to a nearby embroidery business and had them add our initials. Next, to add more color, I found the green and navy duvet cover and pillows at Pottery Barn. It has small amounts of yellow in it too to pull in the yellow from the original duvet. I just use the Pottery Barn duvet as a coverlet since we didn’t the need extra bulk. The throw pillows are T. J. Maxx.

I like the look of two nightstands on either side of the bed with appropriately sized matching lamps on each. These lamps I bought from Pier One years ago and they’ve withstood the test of time. I do plan to replace them once I find some that are a bit more preppy. I also need to introduce my sweet boy, Max, just because it’s his room too. And he’s really cute and cuddly.

You’ll see behind Max, we have sliding glass doors in our room. They used to be smaller in height and width but John made them larger, like the other doors in the house, which brings in more light. A good change! One thing, however, with sliding doors is that it can be difficult to find appropriate window coverings for them. I knew I didn’t want the long vertical blinds that slide because that makes me think of a hotel room from the nineties. I ended up finding these curtains on sale at, and I went with four panels to completely cover the width of the doors.

I found a long curtain rod online, which we hung higher than the door frame to again raise the level of the eye to make the room appear larger. I knew the curtains were for function as well as appearance, so I needed to be able to slide them daily without having the curtain rod come apart in the middle. That’s enough to make a preacher cuss if it happens dailys! I found these oversized metal curtain rings that will slide easily without the headache of messing up the curtain rod. The rod is from Overstock and the rings were purchased from Pottery Barn if you’re needing some.

It’s always good to have a chair or two in the bedroom, even if it’s for nothing more than donning clothes that need to be hung up. It’s that or the treadmill, right? The pillows and floor poufs are another great way to bring in patterns and color to the room.

And that concludes our master bedroom! If you haven’t checked out the other posts in my remodeling series, be sure to go back and do so. Next up will be the master bathroom, which may be my favorite room in the house. It’s where I get my zen on so stay tuned!

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