Attracting the Life of Your Dreams in 2020

I know what you’re thinking. New Year’s resolutions don’t work. There’s nothing magical or special about January 1st. It’s just another day.

With that mindset, my love, you couldn’t be more right. If you don’t believe in yourself and the power of now and the magnitude of your thoughts, it is just another day. Another year. A year of potential disappointments and just trying to survive. But what a miserable way to live!

Look, I’ve been there before myself. I have felt discouraged and overwhelmed. I have felt the pain of failure and heartache. I have sat in the passenger seat of my life more times than I can count and allowed my life to pass me by or for someone else to take the wheel for me. I need to tell you that it is no way to live.

You, my friend, are made of stardust and miracles. You are made in the likeness of God, and you are selling yourself short by refusing to claim your power within. It’s my hope that 2020 will be your best year yet.

So maybe you’re thinking, “Can I make it the year of my dreams without doing the work to claim it?” Come on, guys. Uhhmmm, no. It will take work. It will take discipline. It will take developing and sticking to routines. It will take kicking your ego out the door and getting real about what you want and how you plan to make it happen. Even if you have no clue where to start, “Everything is figureoutable,” as quoted by one of my gurus, Marie Forleo.

Did you know that Rachel Hollis, the multimillionaire famed author of “Girl, Wash Your Face,” has no education past a high school diploma? I’ll tell you what she does have though. Grit, perseverance, grace, and the willingness to figure it all out by using a Google search bar. That’s it, folks. She was told “no” a thousand times, and a thousand times she got right back up and tried again.

So what do you want from 2020? A better job? A bigger house? A fancy car? Luxurious travel? More money or power? A rocking body? To meet the person of your dreams? To have a child? What if anything were possible, what would you wish for?

Here’s what I’m suggesting you do. Watch The Secret on Netflix and learn more about the law of attraction. There’s tons of resources online you can check out, including journals, webinars, ebooks and more.

In simple terms, what I’m referring to is the power of our mind and thoughts in creating our reality. Thoughts are things and have an energy of their own, making them like a magnet to attract what we focus on, into our lives, good and bad.

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re running late to work and stressing over it? Undoubtedly, you hit every red stoplight in town and get behind an Amish horse and buggy with nowhere to pass on your way there. I’m sure you can relate! We’re unknowingly attracting things to slow us down by fretting over running behind.

Another common example. “These bills keep coming, and I’m so behind on paying them! I’ll never have enough money to get ahead. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Obviously, there is a scarcity mindset of not having enough money. It was the focus of this person’s attention. He felt powerless and defeated. He kept seeing the bills, and likely visualizing no money in his account or wallet and was in a state of despair.

Guess what? Even though he focused so much attention on money, it was completely a mindset of not having enough. By doing so, he was attracting more bills, more debt, and more hopelessness into his life without intending to. Odds are, his car will break down soon or he’ll have an unexpected medical bill to add to his stress. “When it rains, it pours” can be rooted in the law of attraction if you think about it. You smell what I’m cooking?

So how do we go about attracting the things we want into our lives? First, ASK for it. Don’t be shy. Don’t think money is a bad thing or have negative connotations with it, because you’ll repel it in that mindset. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, but it can ease stress and make for a more pleasant lifestyle if you let it.

In the Bible, Matthew 7:7 reads, “Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Some may disagree with my interpretation of that verse, but it sounds a lot to me like it encompasses the law of attraction through prayer and asking God for what we want or need. Not to say we’ll always get it right away (or at all for that matter), but you’ll never know unless you ask.

Another tip is to journal daily and write down what you want in your life, BUT write it as if you already have it. Example: “I am so thankful for being promoted to V.P. of Sales at my company. The pay raise has allowed me to buy my first house. Life is good!” Yes–do it even if you haven’t been promoted and even if you don’t own a home. You are putting the vibe out into the universe that you are ready and open for the change to happen.

That leads me into the next step in the law of attraction. You need to BELIEVE it will happen and visualize that it’s already happened. How does it feel? What does that look like to you? Really go into detail in your visualization practice.

For the example of becoming the V. P. of Sales, just stop, close your eyes, and imagine how it feels to sit behind the desk of your new corner office. Picture the skyline view that you’ll have and your name plate with the job title “V. P. of Sales” on your desk. See how it feels to have an assistant take your calls or to stand at the head of the boardroom table while leading a sales meeting. Really focus on how it makes you feel and visualize what you think that looks like. A vision board is another great way to visualize what you’re trying to attract. I’ll touch more on those in another post so stay tuned.

The last step in the law of attraction is to RECEIVE it. That means receiving without shame or doubt, or fear or insecurity. You want to own it and embrace it with a positive mindset.

One great way to gear up for a receiving mindset is to have a gratitude journal that you write in daily. The power of the pen to paper seems to be more effective than typing it into a phone or computer. You’re literally creating magic as you write. Until we are fully grateful for what we currently have, we won’t be open to receiving anything, so keep that in mind.

No matter how much or little you perceive yourself as having in your life, be thankful for it. Thank God daily for it. By doing so, it takes away the frantic need that we may be emitting in hopes of what we’re asking for. Frantic, manic neediness pushes our desires away. Just think about someone who’s trying to ask you out on a date. Super needy and clingy people are a turnoff, so don’t emit that vibe when you’re trying to receive what you’ve asked for.

Another example to ponder. I know of a few occasions where couples have struggled for years with infertility and the angst and stress it brings them. They may choose to adopt; and before they know it, they’ve become pregnant. The energy shifted from a longing need to putting their desire out into the world and then releasing it, unknowingly shifting the energy and making it easier for them to receive it.

My wish for you friends, is to dream big, do the work, and be open to receiving what you’ve asked for. I definitely have areas of weakness for myself that I will focus on in the upcoming year as I create my new vision board and adopt visualization and meditation habits. I also plan to be more mindful of my prayer habits. Henry Ford said it best. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year! Lots of love and gratitude. xo, Christy

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