My Home Remodeling Series- Take 7 Boy Bedroom

One look at the before picture of my son’s bedroom pre-makeover, and you’ll see that nothing about the room screamed, “I’m a nine year old boy who likes sports and video games.” Maybe it’s just me though…

My son, Grady, wasn’t feeling the mauve carpet and pink walls, so guess what we started with first? Luckily, we only had a border to contend with in this room so the wallpaper removal process went much more quickly. Again, we went with my go-to color, Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, when we had the room repainted by Oliphant & Company Painting. All the paint was purchased from Ace Hardware in Cadiz, KY. A tall baseboard and crown molding was installed and painted white for contrast.

After the carpet was ripped up, we went with our traditional hardwood flooring that we used in the rest of the house for consistency. The color of the floors and walls are both medium-toned and complement each other well.

The curtains were replaced with a white, faux wood 2″ blind. With it being a double window, we could’ve done two smaller sets of blinds but I really like the look of one large one better. It seems less choppy and is more streamlined. One tip with blinds is to try to use the same color and style throughout the house, or at least for the areas that will be seen by a car going past your home or up your driveway. It just has more consistency and a more tailored look.

As he did in the other rooms, my husband raised the height of the doorway and closet door in the bedroom to give it a taller, more statuesque look. We purchased all of our doors and the windows we replaced through Windows, Doors, and Floors in Cadiz, KY.

There was a dated bronze and glass chandelier in the center of the room that I replaced with a more modern, masculine light fixture. I found it at Pottery Barn. Although I love the look of the new light, it didn’t brighten the room up as much as I hoped, so we had four can lights added in the corners of the room, which made all the difference. Moonlight Plumbing & Electric in Cadiz installed those.

After replacing outlet covers, the construction portion of the room was complete! I was just ready to decorate. When he turned three, we bought a bedroom suite from Sprintz furniture in Nashville, knowing it was something he could use long-term. If he keeps growing like he is though, we may have to go bigger!

His bedding was purchased from Restoration Hardware, on sale no doubt, when he was three years old also. It was a bit pricier than I’d pay elsewhere but the quality is incredible, and he is still using it to this day at nine years old. No boy is too young or too old for a Union Jack look. It’s classic and cool, and not something he’ll want to change every two years like a Marvel themed bedroom set.

I did add a robot duvet to his bed a few years back. For one, robots were his obsession (and it’s cute, what can I say?). Another reason was that his Union Jack bedding is more of a quilt so I wanted to add some more bulk to the look and feel of his bed. I found the robot duvet at Pottery Barn and just bought a cheap faux down comforter to go inside. The colors work well together between the grays with the navy and red. It’s good to mix and match patterns in the same color scheme to make the room look more interesting.

His throw pillows on the bed really added a lot to the look. The small ship pillow in the front is vintage and was purchased from Miss Lucille’s in Clarksville, TN. FYI–if you haven’t been there yet to shop, you are totally missing out on a great opportunity to find super cool retro items that you won’t find anywhere else. Those little additions thrown into a more modern look, really add to the room. The king sized pillow in the back was just a basic bed pillow that I had covered in faux ostrich skin, which looks like leather obviously. The longer, more narrow pillow I had made from some fabric featuring airplanes and a map. The piping was added to make it pop.

The distressed red cabinet in his room is something I purchased many years ago from Hobby Lobby, and it makes a perfect storage area for toys. I also like to use wire baskets to hold toys in, as well. The chair is an antique from our basement, and rug is just Target. The lamps were purchased at T. J. Maxx.

My favorite thing in Grady’s room though are his framed pictures on the wall. At Miss Lucille’s, I found a map of Neverland (seriously, how cool is that?) and a print of a ship with a plane. They totally spoke to me and both had a vintage vibe to them. I wanted to incorporate a nautical, almost military look to his room to play off the Union Jack bedding. I had the prints matted and framed at Hobby Lobby. The weathered frames again play into the vintage look I was going for. He loves putting small toys out on display so excuse the clutter atop his cabinet!

Grady used to have an obsession with Charlie Brown when he was in preschool so luckily, the colors of the paintings still worked with our look. I found the vintage racquets at Miss Lucille’s also, and decided to hang them on the wall as well.

A trunk at the end of the bed is always a great addition for a child’s room to store toys or blankets. The look of this one fitted in well with the weathered vibe from much of his room. It was a Homegoods purchase.

Lots of knick knacks, including the atlas globes and trinkets in the shape of planes and ships, were added to his chest of drawers and nightstand to tie it all together.

So far, he hasn’t complained of having the same look in his bedroom for the past six years so it’s not going anywhere until he does! There’s so many fun things you can do with a boy’s bedroom, and his was lots of fun to decorate.

If you missed my other blog posts in our home renovation series, be sure to check them out! Next up will be my little girl’s room. Oliphant Construction, better known as my husband ;), was the general contractor for all of our remodeling. Look him up if you’re thinking about building or remodeling. He knows his stuff!

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