Five Valentine’s Day Gifts to Woo Your Boo

“The day I met you, I began to forget a life without you.” Atticus

If Valentine’s Day leaves you scrambling at the last minute to grab a semi-wilted bouquet of flowers from the nearest Kroger on your way home from work February 14th, you are here for a reason, dog! Women see straight through that craziness; and although they are glad you at least acknowledged the most romantic day of the year, they aren’t going to feel like you truly put a single thought into their gift. That’s gonna leave them feeling less than special on a special day, which in turn means you’re gonna be feeling less than special later when she gives you the cold shoulder when the lights go down. You smell what I’m cooking? Alright then, let’s move on.

If you really want to rock her socks this Valentine’s Day, your gift needs to be well-planned and well-executed. That’s where I come in. Now let me say that if your girl is a tomboy and doesn’t give two craps about romance, you can stop reading here, and I won’t waste your time. You would probably know better than I would about what she’d want for Valentine’s Day. But if you have a girly girl who likes to feel special and is always telling you that you aren’t romantic enough, then I’m fixin’ to be your new best friend. Are you ready for it?

Here’s my top five gifts to woo your boo this Valentine’s Day.

1. For the hopeless romantic, meet Atticus.

So his name alone is sexy; but let me add that he is an anonymous poet, who’s a New York Times Bestselling Author. His poetry divulges his love for women and his fascination for being in love with love. His poems are beautiful, and his book covers are magical. They make a perfect addition to a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate dipped strawberries. To top it off, pick out your favorite poem from the book you buy and read it to her or write it in her card, while letting her know that it reminds you of her. Swoon worthy, guys!

2. For the classy lady, think about giving her the key to your heart.

By that, I’m talking about a key necklace. There are many beautiful versions out there, including Tiffany’s variations. Pandora makes one that is elegant, classy, and quite affordable for $100. Giving her one of these with a heart shaped gift tag on the wrapped package saying “You hold the key to my heart” will make her feel like a schoolgirl giddy with love again. Total win!

3. For the fashionista, why not give her an adorable heart patched sweater that she can wear all winter? has a Heart and Soul Patched Knit Sweater in white and one in navy blue for less than $50 that is totally adorbs and will score you some brownie points. Just make sure you check her closet for sizes of other comparable sweaters before ordering because you don’t want to mess that up! Trust me.

4. For the self-care junkie, you 100% can’t go wrong with a spa package.

Find her favorite spa, and give her the gift of relaxation with a gift card. Unless your lady doesn’t like strangers touching her, she would love a massage, facial, and/or mani & pedi. Many spas even offer evening couple’s packages, so if you aren’t threatened easily in your manhood, go for it! That’s a win-win for both of you.

5. For the girl who treasures experiences, surprise her with a romantic day or evening.

It could be a date to the place you first met or where you proposed. She may love a night on the town with an Air BNB or fancy hotel. Maybe she’d love a picnic with wine and cheese or a night stargazing on a blanket in your favorite spot. Think outside the box and out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should take a bit of thought and preparation. It’s a great way to make her feel like you did when you first started dating, and that makes for great time and special memories.

I hope you’ve found something that would make an A-list gift for your lady; because even if she acts like she’s not a fan of Valentine’s Day, she expects something so don’t fall for that trap, guys! I’m warning you. It will not end well! Just telling you from an insider’s perspective what we all already know–that Valentine’s Day really is a day all about women. Happy wife, happy life so they say! Don’t disappoint her and I feel sure you’ll get something out of it too! Wink

Thanks for stopping in and until next time. xo, Christy

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