My Top Five Apps to Survive Social Distancing

So if my memory serves me right, we are on week two of major social distancing since the Coronavirus took the world by storm. I’m not naming names but I know a few a lot of us are about one kid fight away from losing our sanity. We always thought that we wanted to work from home until we had to, and now we miss our friends. And our routine. And adult conversation. And being able to go to the grocery without worrying if some idiot has licked the handle of your shopping cart. Seriously, folks! I’m speechless...

If my assumption is correct, you are having to cook WAY more than you ever dreamed was possible. Pretty sure in two weeks I passed the benchmark for the number of times I cooked in the past three months, and I’ll be honest. It’s not my thing. Like, at all. I envy all you Martha Stewarts out there but it’s just not my jam, but I’m trying.

*My first app that you need to start using now is emeals. Emeals is a meal planning slash grocery shopping list that will totally simplify the age old question of “What are we having for supper?”. There are 15 different types of food styles or diets you can choose from. After choosing the type you want to follow, it will give you options for a weekly meal plan with up to 7 new meal ideas. You can switch between diets without a problem when picking your meals for the week. After you make your choices, it will generate a smart shopping list for you right on your phone. Already have cumin in your cabinet? No problem! You can delete it from your list with one tap.

Here’s the best part–wait for it… If you do online grocery shopping with Wal-Mart, amazonfresh, Kroger, instacart, or Shipt, it will sync with your original grocery store list and add the items you need from the recipes to your cart. No, I’m not joking! It’s amazing, really. Then, you enter your card info for your grocery store and schedule your pick up or delivery. It’s that EASY! Unfortunately, use of the app comes at a cost, but you can do a free 2-week trial to see how you like it and go from there. I went with a year subscription, because it was the best deal. They have several subscription options to choose from though.

*The number two app that you need in your life now is Blinkist. If you enjoy reading nonfiction books, particularly those that are empowering and written by experts in the fields of personal development, career and success, health and nutrition, parenting, religion and spirituality, money, sales, and so much more, you need this app.

In a mere 15 minutes, the app will give you essentially the “cliff notes” from your choice of over 3000 books. Better yet, you can either read the 15 minute summary or can listen to the audio version while you’re getting ready for work or on your daily commute. You can try it free for 7 days, and then it becomes a subscription service that you can renew monthly or yearly, if you don’t cancel. Major way to up level your knowledge in a quick 15 minutes a day.

*For my third app, you’ve got to try Skillshare. If you’re a creative or have always wanted to try your hand at something crafty but didn’t know where to start, this app is for you. With Skillshare, you can get inspired by learning to paint with watercolors, to practice creative writing, to learn portrait photography or animation, and so much more.

You simply watch a video from the comfort of your own home and learn new skills from experts in their fields. Convenient, easy, enlightening, and fun. Did I mention they have gift cards too? Again, you can try it free for a limited time; and then it becomes a subscription if you choose to keep it. Definitely a great way to pass the time when you’re running out of closets to clean!

*My fourth app is something that we could all use a little more of in these uncertain times. It’s called Headspace. I know you’ve heard more than once that everyone needs to learn to meditate to clear our minds. The problem is that many of us in the South think that’s something only “crunchy-granola types” do in their yoga pants sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor, touching their thumbs to middle fingers with closed eyes, while humming “Uhhhhmmmmmm.”

Okay, so no–it’s so much more than that. Albeit, I don’t claim to be a meditation expert or regular, but I’m working on it. The Headspace app will take you through a guided meditation to teach you where to start. You pick a male or female’s voice as your guide. Bonus–they’re British so the accent is perfect! You choose either a 3 or 5 minute interval for the Basics session, so it doesn’t take long to make the commitment. Some of the meditations are free, but you can upgrade to a subscription service if you like. By using it regularly, you should notice a difference in your anxiety, stress, focus, sleep, and more. Give it a try! I think you’ll find it super relaxing.

*And last but not least, you’ve got to get the Sonic app. Maybe it’s because our options are limited in my small town. Maybe it’s because I’m a cherry Diet Coke fanatic; but whatever the case, you need this app if you even remotely frequent Sonic.

There’s not much that one of their happy hour drinks can’t fix. At least in my world. Here’s the best part–with the app, it’s happy hour all day, every day. No joke! So no more waiting around between the hours of 3-4 p.m. to do a Sonic run because you’re cheap like me. ALL DAY. EVERYDAY. And–it will save your credit card info and your routine order. You pick the time you want to pick it up and BAM–no waiting. Not an earth shattering app like you may have been hoping for but hey–you’ll thank me later! 😉

During this Ronapocalypse, cook well. Drink well. Learn a new craft. Clear your head. And “read” a ton of best-selling books to get you to the top of your A-game fast.

So get off here and get busy downloading these apps. You’ve got work to do! Thanks for stopping in and until next time! xo, Christy

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