Give Me a Sec. You’re Going to Wanna Read This…

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one. ” George R.R. Martin

Wanna know what Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, LeBron James, and Reese Witherspoon all have in common? Yes, they are famous. Obviously, they’re insanely rich. They probably all have bidets in their bathrooms or something. Eye roll

So you may or may not know that they are all avid readers. Not just a book a week or a month (or every ten years) like many of us, but on a seriously grand scale. Tony read a book a day for years and attributes that as one of the keys to his success. I know what you’re thinking. Who the heck has time for that? Mill-, I mean billionaires apparently do… Time to take that speed reading class, right?

Whether you prefer a hard copy or paperback book or an ebook, it doesn’t matter. Just dive in! For those who haven’t picked up a book since preconception of their 18 year old child, here’s the lowdown when you compare the two.

My pros for an old school book (the kind where you physically turn a page):

The smell. The artful cover. How it looks on a bookshelf. I can read it outside in the sun. I can share it with friends. That’s about it.

Why I usually go with ebooks:

Instant gratification, babe. No page turning or losing your page because there’s nothing more frustrating! It’s with me 24/7. I can read it in the dark. I can read it in the park. I can read it in my bed. I can read it near my head. Gosh, I love Dr. Seuss! Couldn’t help myself. Sorry. No clutter from books circa 1989. Better for the environment. Finally, with the Kindle app, I can read it from multiple devices that sync with one another.

It’s just the way I prefer to roll but no shame if you’re still stuck in 1980 because retro can be oh so cool sometimes. Just ask Mr. Robot.

Top Four Places to Nab Your Next Read:

  1. Your local library. But, of course! Most libraries also have an ebook app where you can order up your ebook just like you’d order some Moo Goo Gai Pan from UberEats, but without the wait. Did I mention it’s free? No brainer there, guys. Your taxes pay for it so use it!
  2. Amazon. No big surprise here! What did you think I was gonna say? Prime shipping in two days for free, unless you’re not a Prime member. If you’re not, it’s overdue. Really. You won’t regret it. Back to the point. They sell ebooks or used and new hard copies. It’s just mega easy. You know it is!
  3. Better World Books. It’s online. They offer new and used options. Super cheap prices. Free shipping. Donates a book for each one sold. Now that’s a stand up kind of company! I’ve used them. I like them. Be like Jordan and just do it.
  4. Friends and fam! Circulate those suckers when you finish them like you traded stickers as a second grader. Trade, read, then trade some more. Extra points if you form a book club.

What I’ve Been Reading (and would recommend):

  1. The Lies We Told. A dark, psychological thriller where the female lead begins to realize those closest to her have the most to hide. Creepy. Keeps you on your toes. Not quite finished but I’m digging it.
  2. Verity. If you blush easily and are uncomfortable with steamy books, you don’t want to read this. Now I know you’re googling it now. Don’t lie! It takes a lot to me blush these days so I went for it and it delivered. Not only is it a romance novel, it is suspenseful and another psychological thriller. See a trend here?
  3. Where the Crawdads Sing. Hands down. The! Beautiful prose, and beautiful story line. It engrosses you into the life of the “Marsh Girl” and has you rooting for her from start to finish. And it’s Delia Owens FIRST NOVEL. Simply wonderful in every way! You’ll want to buy the hard or paperback copy on this one.
  4. The 5 A.M. Club. From the guy who wrote The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari, this reads like fiction but has tons of valuable nuggets to help you “Own Your Morning and Elevate Your Life.” Synopsis: Eccentric billionaire tycoon takes two everyday strangers on an exotic journey to help them transform their lives for the better. Who can’t benefit from that? Sign me up!

My “To Read Listfor Summer:

  1. City of Girls. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, is a rockstar. Remember Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts? That was her. City of Girls has been named the Most Anticipated Book of 2019 by Cosmo and Set in the 1940’s, it’s a coming of age story about an affluent college dropout whose parents send her to live with her aunt who owns a theater in NYC, where things get wild.
  2. Educated. Named one of the best books of the year by NPR, Barak Obama, and The Washington Post. A teenager born to a survivalist family had never set foot in a school until the age of 17. She went on to attend several Ivy League Universities and gained her PhD, all while learning that knowledge is power.
  3. Ghosted. Sarah becomes ghosted after she and Eddie mutually fall for one another. A romantic suspense novel that none of the countless reviewers could put down apparently so there’s your sign.
  4. Little Fires Everywhere. Soon to become a mini-series on Hulu starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, this novel focuses on the relationship between mothers and daughters, of class, race, and secrets in this thought-provoking story set in a seemingly perfect community.

That should be enough to get you started. So grab yourself a coffee, nestle in to your favorite nook, and start reading. Thanks for stopping in! xo, Christy

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