My Real-Life Ghost Story

“All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.” Jason Hawes, Ghost Hunters

If you read my blog post, “How to Survive Your Next Vacation, Literally,” you’ll remember I referenced having a ghostly experience on a vacation to Folly Beach, South Carolina. If you haven’t read it, go do it NOW to fully grasp the utter craziness of my experience.

Let me be clear and upfront for the skeptics. I don’t do drugs. I wasn’t intoxicated in any way, shape, or form the night I saw the ghost. I’ve never been a patient of a mental hospital or psych ward, and I’m not a liar. So–now that we cleared THAT up, who doesn’t love a good ghost story?! Especially when it’s the real deal.

Back in our newlywed pre-kid days, my husband and I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Regardless of what happened to us there, that city is still one of my favorites. I love the history. I love the gorgeous homes. The food is amazing. And I’ve always had a soft-spot for Folly Beach, which is where we rented a charming, historic cottage near the ocean.

The home was built in the 1920’s and had been gutted and remodeled by the current owners into an adorable yellow cottage with a wrap-around porch, a hammock facing the ocean, and hardwood floors throughout. There were beautiful Oriental rugs in the living room and master bedroom that made the house feel exceptionally cozy. I loved its charm.

Our first night there, I kept hearing soft footsteps in the living room that resembled the sound of bare feet moving on a rug. Slightly eerie but quickly dismissed, we soon went to bed.

During that night, I dreamed of a man in Victorian clothing standing over me while I was lying on my back in the bed. He wore a black suit with a white shirt and a ribbon-type bowtie. His dark hair was parted down the middle and slicked down, and he had a mustache that turned up on the ends. He kinda looked like this guy.

I was wearing a nightgown, and he was running his index finger up my right shin. He never spoke a word but was staring at me in a curious sort of manner.

I was uncovered, which I never do since my sister told me as a kid that someone would chop my feet off during the night with an ax if I kicked the covers off. Old habits die hard, so you seriously won’t catch me being uncovered during the night. This alone was out of the ordinary for me.

Even more unusual was that I was alone when this took place because my husband had gotten up to use the bathroom. In a semi-dreamlike state at the time, the intensity and realness of the experience made me completely wake up as my husband was coming back to bed. At that point, I truly felt like we weren’t alone there.

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Well, that was the feeling I had the entire week that we were in the house. It was more than the run of the mill “getting spooked” type-feeling. It was continuous. I’ve always considered myself open to the possibility of the supernatural and seem to be sensitive to a certain extent, having had several unique and unexplainable experiences in my lifetime. This may have made me more susceptible to what happened later that week.

On the third day of our trip, we toured the USS Yorktown naval ship in Charleston. So much history in this area from the Yorktown to the Battle of Fort Sumter to having Federal troops inhabit Folly Beach during the Civil War, there are endless possibilities for ghosts to remain in the area. The man I saw in my dream in his Victorian clothing could have easily been from the days of the Civil War, and possibly one of the soldiers inhabiting Folly Beach at that time. I would love to know more about him.

The night after our visit to the Yorktown was one I’ll never forget. We had gone to bed with my husband falling asleep first while I stayed up later reading. Not long after I went down, I heard a buzzing “zzzzip” sound and a cobalt blue, glowing figure in the shape of a featureless man zipped into our bedroom at the speed of lightning and stood at my husband’s side of the bed. My best analogy for it is that it resembled the blue glow of a welding torch but in the shape of a man. While I held my breath and lied absolutely motionless, he pushed the bed two times.

Again to be clear, my eyes were open during the entire experience and I SAW the apparition and I FELT the bed move twice. This was not a dream. After the second push, I began to shake my husband to awaken him. While I was doing so, I heard and saw static, like that from a TV, as the figure instantly disappeared.

At this point, my husband woke up, and the entire house was humming with a surge of electricity. My computer and all the electronics in the home were beeping and going crazy. As we were processing this, there was a utility pole with a transformer nearby and visible from our bedroom. The transformer made explosive, popping sounds and sparks like that of fireworks began flying out of it and sprinkling onto the street below. There was no storm. No lightning. No bird that was electrocuted. No explanation and everything occurred back to back to back over a matter of a couple of minutes.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well during the rest of our stay. On our last night, we had an attempted home invasion after we had gone to bed. Had I not had the experience with the ghost, I likely would’ve been sleeping soundly and dismissed any of the sounds I was hearing as the intruders were trying to get in. Because of the ghost, I wasn’t sleeping well and was on edge about each noise I heard. That likely saved our lives that night.

In retrospect, I truly believe with all my heart that the ghost was trying to warn me that it wasn’t safe there. When it pushed the bed, I believe it was an attempt to get my attention and cause me to be on guard during our stay. If it hadn’t been for the apparition, I cringe to think what could’ve happened there on our last night. I’ll forever be grateful to this otherworldly spirit and have learned that sometimes the living are scarier than the dead.

Hope you enjoyed my real-life ghost story and would love to hear if you’ve had any supernatural experiences yourself! Thanks for stopping in! xo

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7 thoughts on “My Real-Life Ghost Story

  1. When we lived in Louisville, we had a ghost in our house. She never bothered us, but, she did walk the floors a lot. The guest room, where she seemed to spend most of her time, always smelled like flowers. I don’t have room here to tell my favorite story about her. But, it was the only time she scared me.

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  2. When Alayna was 2-3 years old, she would talk about the “man with no face” coming in and out of her closet. I didn’t pay much attention to her, kids like to use their imagination. One day I noticed that her closet door was open. I had just hung clothes in it and shut it. Other times the door would be shut when I knew it had been open. I still never added 2 + 2 to equal weird freaky stuff. Alayna had a way of seeing things and having conversations that involved information that there’s no possible way she should know. I passed it off as her being ‘sensitive’. Most events ended by the time she was in second grade.

    Years went by with still several oddities happening around and in our house. Nothing frightening, just weird. When Alayna was 12-13 years old, we had gone to bed around 9 pm. I was laying in the bed reading a book, Tad was at work on night shift. About 10 pm I turned off the bedside light, and was dozing off when I heard Alayna whisper loudly from her bedroom “Mom!”
    I whispered back “What?”
    She said “Did you hear that?”
    Again I whispered “What?”
    She replied “A chair in the kitchen just moved. I think he’s back.” I knew immediately who she was referring to – the man with no face.
    I listened for a minute or so, but heard nothing. I told her that she was fine, that it was probably the cat, and to go to sleep because she had school tomorrow. As I thought about this – and listened a bit more just to make sure – I offered up a strong prayer to God. “Father, if there is anything in this house that would cause Alayna harm, I ask that you send a Holy warring angel to protect her tonight while she sleeps. In Jesus’ name.” And then I slept.

    – sidenote: Alayna is an old soul and didn’t require a lot of attention as a child. She was independent and didn’t bother with making stuff up to get attention from anyone. If she said it, it was most likely truth. Plus, she was 13ish, that’s a little late in life for the childish games of attention-seeking.

    That next morning as I was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, Alayna throws the door open and has a conversation that left my jaw on the ground. (Our best conversations, even to this date, always occur while one of us is doing our business in the bathroom!)
    “So mom, when you didn’t hear anything last night, it wasn’t over. I knew it was him again. I looked out my door into the living room and saw him walking toward my room. It scared me! I was laying on my back and looked up at the ceiling and there was the outline of a bird. The bird came down off the ceiling and made this big huge man dressed in white. He walked over to my door and put his hand up to the man with no face. The man in white said ‘NO!’ and the man with no face started screaming and fell through the floor. He screamed until I couldn’t hear him anymore. Then the man in white walked over to me and put his hand on my cheek and said ‘He’s gone. You can rest now.’ He stood there for a few minutes. I got really sleeping. I closed my eyes. He was gone this morning!”

    And then she bounced out of the bathroom to get some breakfast. My jaw was on the floor! Did I just really hear that? What happened last night while I was asleep? And then I remembered. . . I had prayed for a Holy warring angel to protect her while she slept. God sent him to her. I realized that Alayna is chosen, set apart, special. Never again did I doubt when she said something that our mind has trouble comprehending.

    Alayna is now 27. She has a gift of discernment – the ability given by God to determine, in a spiritual sense, good from evil. She sees things that aren’t there. There have been hundreds of incidents in our lives that are supernatural. I could tell you story after story of encounters with demonic. I, too, have the ability to sense otherworldly beings. We both learned our authority that was given by Jesus Christ over principalities, rulers, and powers of darkness. She is now a warrior in her own right.

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